The importance to keep evolving

“I wear whatever I want, whenever I want. As long as I have my own style – It will be fine” or so I thought. “Suit, jean, shirt or T-shirt it doesn’t really matter. As soon as I start speaking they will understand I mean business”. I was a true believer that people would take […]


Promoters: 38 days to Go

First of all, I would like to apologise for my absence over the past 20 days. If there is one thing in my life I take extremely seriously it’s to finish the tasks I give myself. Unfortunately, I now understand that writing a journal is a full time job (my blog is made by content […]


The Staff: 58 days to go

“At what time is the first meeting tomorrow Vale?” I’ve asked. “11am, Luca” she replied. Last night (Sunday), after a long weekend at Toy Room, it was time to plan my week and get ready for all my Monday meetings. Even though most of my partners are away; between Mykonos, Ibiza and the States (some […]